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Last Updates.

Samples of recently updated videos to my youTube Chanel.

Campus party 2020, deep discussions on the future of customer experience and the implication of the technological evolution.


Seminar on Customer Experience in partnership with Durham College. Nice discussion with Sergio Frias about Nurturing Insights on the Customer Experience- NICE


Opening the  Younk Marketing Professional Network Event in Nigeria. Where I launched the concept of Liquid Marketing.


Campus Party Q&A Webinar

The National Post first video

Indicating the hotest markets in terms of  International Business for Canadian Companies

Final conference of the Joint European-Latin American Universities Renewable Energies Project was a university co-operation scheme involving universities from Germany, Latvia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Guatemala.

The National Post second video

Explaining the reason of choosing the hottest countries in terms of International Business

Humber Video 

Video celebrating the 2012 and 2013 awarding Humber as the best employer for minorities

Talking about the importance of Change Management in the era of COVID-19 at Conestoga College's Class of Dr. Malak Attia


Investing In Brazil Webinar, Sponsored by Latin American Startups LATAM.

The National Post third video

Explaining the  critical path in order to succeed in any global market.

Humber Video 

My student Sheena Zhang telling her success story as an international Student at Humber 

Humber School of Business as portrayed by Brazilian Students.


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