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Here is why my professional dream becomes true:

there is nothing that can fulfill a professor more than making sure that his/her students are ready.
Capstone with Miele

Very proud of my students that delivered an excellent presentation of their capstone Project to Miele Canada.

The Marketing Degree Capstone Video

Good poster of what the capstone looks like.

Marketing for Small Business- Part 1

This mini-course was organised  by Metrolinks-Toronto to help small businesses in navigating the impact of disruptions.

Marketing For Small Business- Part 2

Second part of my presentation about Marketing for Small Businesses.

Introducing Humber

I recorded an introduction of the Faculty of Business to a potential students from Brasil, my native country.

The Wolves Den 2017

Finally, the Marketing Degree students faced the external panel (the Wolves Den). This year we had a fantastic team of experts from Bombardier, Pepsico, Quaker, Xerox Middle East and the Canadian Institute of Marketing - CIM. I am so proud of my students!!!

The Wolves Den 2016

Finally, the external panel evaluation (the Wolves Den). This year we had a fantastic team of experts from Bombardier, Walmart, Pepsico, and Maple Leaf. I am so proud of my students!

The Lions Lair 2016

As part of the International Business Capstone Project, the groups presented their value proposition to the Lions Lair, a multidisciplinary International Business Experts Panel. Incredible dry run :)

Convocation 2015 

​​One more celebration with the Dean of the Business School Dr. Alvina Kassiani, and some dear colleagues e students. Mission accomplished!

Covocation 2013 

I was pleased to marshal my International Business Degree Students. Memorable ceremony and I will miss you all! .....Now you are all ready to reach your dreams and face reality for which am confident you are all prepared. God Bless you!

Introducing Brazil, my country


Micro-teaching video spotting the light  on Brazil.


Flipping the Classroom

Video Tutorial example of one of my classes using video tutorials to boost student learning. Flipping my class :) 

The Marketing Degree

A very good Idea on how do we intend to position the Bachelor of Commerce Marketing Degree as the Best Professional Degree in Ontario by 2020. I have no doubt that we will get there!

Ontario Export Award 2015

Shivanie Mangal, an International Business degree graduate and a former student of mine won the Ontario Export 2015 contest in the student category. I am very proud!!!

Business School Awards 2015

Celebrating  with my dear students  and colleagues the students achivements during 2015.

Projects presentations 2014

Groups presenting their projects. This turn an external panel was convened to evaluate the quality. Welcome to the wolves dan :)

Youtube Tutorials

Another video tutorial on how to use globe investor application used by the students to acquire investor skills  

International Business Project  2013

Very pleased with the high quality of the International Business Projects! The external panel was impressed as well and I am sure their future employers will be impressed as well.  

The Lions Lair 2017

The Marketing Degree Capstone was evaluated by a group of internal experts, the Marketing Degree Professors. I am so proud of my colleagues that volunteered their time to assist our students!


The Wolves Den 2015

Finally, the external panel evaluation (the Wolves Den). This year we had a fantastic team of experts from Walmart, and Pepsico. Well done guys!

Honor Pin Ceremony 2015

Selfie with my students  and Humber President Dr. Chris Whitaker, the other pictures are to celebrate the greatness of the Business School amazing team.

International Business Project Dry Run 2014

Groups warm up for the projects final presentations in the Lion's laird. Very proud of my students. Very grateful to the fellow Business School faculty who donated their time to give the students valuable feedback!


After the projects presenations a great relief and certainty that my students are ready to face the market reality. I will miss you guys :(

Discussing Learning Skills

Micro-teaching video spotting the light  on the current learning model adopted by US institutions..just to start the debate..

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