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Pictures of my professional narrative.

Too many places, a lot of friends and personal fulfillments.

Honor, that is the real feeling of meeting with Dr. Ian Mitroff, a brilliant scholar, great professor and a wonderful human being. I cannot wait more to learn from his wisdom, and be inspired by his ideas.

​​Great Scholars

What a nice opportunity to meet with both Dr. Jay Barney and Micahel Jensen. I am looking forward to learning from both about how to become a great scholar and an excellent professor.


Great Learning experience with Claus Otto Scharmer, MIT Professor and the author of Theory U. Nice discussions about how to transform Capitalism and I am looking forward to more!

​​Always learning!

With the Honourable Jigmi Y. Thinley, former Prime Minister of Bhutan, during the Beyond GDP conference at Humber. I have learned a lot about moving beyond GDP from Bhutan’s experience on implementing Gross National Happiness (GNH). Interesting multidimensional approach with measurable implementation. Impressive is how much we learn when we listen!

​​Serving my Community!


With the Honourable Kevin Sorensen Canada's Minister of State (Finance), and the Honorable Members of the Parliament for Mississauga: Stela Ambler, Bob Dechert, Brad Butt, Wladislaw lizon during the public audience about 2015 budget in Mississauga Board of Trade.

​​Such an Honor!

I have promised Honorable Mayor Hazel McCallion to bring Brazilian SMEs to Mississauga. The other picture is with the brilliant Maestro Professor Benjamine Zander. Such an honor being able to meet and learn from the wisdom of these two distinguished citizens of the world.

I Have been so far away!

I feel very blessed for having the opportunity to visit more than thirty countries where I certainly enjoyed learning about cultures and making dear friends. I am still planning to find out more and more about this fascinating planet, its cultures, and people. I found it absolutely fundamental touching down places, to uncover what distance and media are not able to report: the goodness of human being! I have learned a lot! The first picture was taken in 2001 along with the Brazilian president his Excellency, Dr. Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

​​Honoring the former Brazilian Ambassador to Canada, his Excellency Piragibe dos Santos Tarragô

The FCBB organized a reception to honor the new Brazilian Ambassador to Canada his Excellency Ambassador Piragibe dos Santos Tagarô. During the event, the ambassador addressed the FCBB board and guests about business opportunities  for Canadian entrepreneurs in Brazil.

FCBB and Export Development Canada

The first anniversary of the FCBB was celebrated in Partnership with EDC presenting a new perspective to SME to do Business in Brazil. The event was a great success and opened the door for more possibilities of cooperation between EDC and the FCBB. It was an excellent start to the organization I idealized along with dedicated fellow members of the board.

Farewell dinner to honor his excellency Ambassador Paulo Carneiro and his wife

The FCBB, organized a farewell reception to honor his Excellency Ambassador Paulo Cordeiro and his wife. Ambassador Cordeiro played a critical role in supporting the foundation of the Federation of Canadian Brazilian Businesses (FCBB). 

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