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About Me

Dr. Youssef Youssef is an accomplished executive and academic with over 20 years of successful career developing and implementing innovative, performance-driven marketing strategies for leading global, tech and higher educational brands in South America, Canada and the Middle East. He is well regarded for executive leadership, brand equity, customer experience, marketing technologies, knowledge engineering and management, with superior command of project management, design thinking and creative problem solving, collaboration, and outstanding interpersonal and intercultural communications in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and French. Youssef is the president and vice chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario, the founder and vice chair of the Federation of Canadian Brazilian Businesses, and a member of the board of directors of Polycultural immigrants and community services. Youssef holds a Ph.D. in Knowledge Management and a master’s degree in production engineering and has been a full-time marketing professor at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning since 2012.


“Full of brilliant ideas, he knows how to present them. Youssef also knows how to group people and lead them. He´s a charismatic fellow and taught me a few tricks that I certainly use in my profession.”

Flávio Moritz

Presidency Advisor at Digitro Tecnologia. Digitro Technologies, Brazil


"DR. Youssef has founded several companies and has consulting as well as business analyst experience. In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Youssef speaks five languages fluently and has significant cross cultural experience."

Dr. Rene Dentist Muller

Director, Global Business Resource Center.

College and University of Charleston, SC


"The most outstanding characteristic of Dr. Youssef is his natural ability to network. He is perhaps, at his best when networking. He has the ability to relate to other people and immediately create a bonding that last."

Dr. Alejandro Ramirez

Associate Professor, Sprott School of Business.

Carleton University, Ottawa

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