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Poems portrating phases of my life experience​

I Immigrant



I just arrived, and, nobody was waiting
I just arrived, to a new, found land
To where?
From Where?
For what?
I don’t know!
I just arrived, and nobody was there
Am I in heaven?
Maybe I am
Am I in hell?
Maybe not
With tearing eyes, I look around
And see
A lot of people opening their arms,
So many houses, with closed doors
Which door is mine?
Which one I should knock?
I don’t know!
I just arrived, and realized, that these homes are not mine
Am I Happy?
I don’t know!
Maybe tomorrow I will be,
After tomorrow,
Will be not bad
And, who I am in this new world?
You are an Immigrant somebody says
No, you are like a citizen, other one reply
How can I restart with nothing in hands?
I was somebody,
I am nobody!
From my scrapes, I will stand
I will survive as anybody else
Yes, I must, I will
I will survive!
At that day
I wish I could say
This is my place, this is my city
This is my school, these are my friends, and here, exactly here, I choose to be, my second land
Will I be here forever?
It depends!
What I have learned each day
Is that:
Here, Just here, exactly here, I want to stay.

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